April 2021 Feature Artist – Lucy Car

Iluka Emporium is excited to present our April Feature artist – Lucy Car

Lucy Car


I am a 36 year old artist living here near Lismore and love being in such a beautiful part of the world. I’ve always loved drawing and bright colours and the way colours interact. I have painted on and off over the years, while juggling 5 kids and a large garden (I feel this is an extension of my painting!)

I often use quirky subject matter to delight and amuse, especially animals doing human things or humans and animals doing unexpected things in a narrative style. I have a passion for preserving animal habitat (we are replanting our property as koala habitat) and hence often paint Australian animals to bring their uniqueness and beauty into the mind of the viewer; to engage their emotions in the plight of many of our country’s gorgeous yet vulnerable occupants.

My style has evolved over the years, but I generally use bold, bright colours to immediately engage with the viewer – I have a long-time love of primary colours, but cool blue is also a recurring theme.

I use acrylic paint for the freedom it gives me to pain big and bright, quickly drying to allow me to change colours and layout quickly if needed.

My goal is to amuse, delight and engage the heart of the person viewing.

I have previously exhibited at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Blue Poles Gallery Café, Byabarra, Goondiwindi Art Gallery, Art Aspects Gallery Lismore and Lennox Head Arts Collective

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