Congratulations to our new Management Committee elected at the 2022 AGM

Congratulations to the following members elected at the 2022 AGM today:
⭐️Michelle Philip – President, Public Officer
⭐️Jacky Overington – Vice President/Asst Treasurer
⭐️ Melinda Smotlack – Secretary
⭐️ Linda Frylink Anderson – Treasurer
⭐️ Lucille Atkins – Curator
⭐️ Carolyn Scorey – Admin Support/ Roster
⭐️ Deby Cann – Social Media Instagram (not pictured)
It’s been another successful year and we look forward to another year of continuing our work with the community in supporting local and emerging artists/craftspeople. Iluka Emporium is a not for profit association registered with the Office Of Fair Trading as an incorporated body under the Model Constitution.

AGM 2022

Presidents report.

Thank you to all my hard working committee with out everyone’s combined effort running the emporium would be difficult!

It’s been a challenging year at times, negotiating covid rules, avoiding covid, some getting covid and borders opening.

The emporium continues to grow strength to strength. The success of receiving an NCRF grant and then running workshops free for our community has highlighted the importance of connection through creativity. These workshops have been a huge success and I’m incredibly proud of our facilitators in bringing joy, connection and mental well being to so many. Thank you to Linda for applying and organising this grant. I greatly appreciate what this has bought to us as a group and our community.

Again a big big Thank you to Linda as treasurer keeping all our finances in order and applying for grants that help keep us afloat when we had to close through covid lockdown and financial instability.

Thank you to Jacky for stepping in and helping with the conversion to Xero this will make life less time consuming for Linda and freeing her up to do what she is great at applying for more grants!!!

Thank you again to both of you on behalf of the membership thank you.

Thank you to Carolyn for keeping our roster up to date and organised. Thank you for also taking on the newsletter that keeps our broader creative community up to date with what is going on at iluka emporium.

Thank you to our social media networkers Deby and Linda. We stay connected to different audiences and share our ventures as well as others. Your networking experience is valuable!

Thank you to our curators Annie and Lucille in keeping our exhibition space current and fresh and helping new and emerging artists in their future endeavours.

We successfully decided on a rent increase where by it takes us into the future fairly. Thank you to all for taking time to decide this democratically.

The Iluka Emporium will continue to grow and we hope to welcome new members to our space.

So welcome again to Jackie and Skye who are our newest exhibiting members.

Thank you to our volunteers Deb and Tamsin. Both filling in and giving up their time to run our space!

Thank you again to all our membership for your co operation and all the best for the next financial year.

Michelle Philip



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