Iluka Emporium is excited to host our Feature Artist for January an exciting exhibition by Jane Flanders “A Photographic Narrative”
OPENING 7th January 3 – 7 pm. All welcome

“On The Road…” Jane Flanders has been passionate about photography since she was five. She studied photography in her twenties and achieved the highest mark of her year, cutting her teeth in editing, developing and printing in the dark room. She has since studied a number of courses in digital editing.
Her travel photography has been exhibited in Sydney and has decorated a boutique hotel there.
She has been official photographer for events, festivals and concerts. She has a strong narrative element to her photography, which marries beautifully to her film-making and screenwriting background.
Jane’s installation is being supported by Melinda Smotlak, visual artist and collector and member of Iluka Emporium.
Email: brainyflanders@icloud.com

Jane says:
“Five years ago “I drove off to look for America” – to paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel – and to buy a guitar. I drove alone through Texas and New Mexico and ended my journey in New York City. As my road trip companions I had my new Martin acoustic, along with the restless ghosts of Jack Kerouac and countless other artists, beatniks, poets, writers, film makers, hippies, musicians, freaks and other heroes of my childhood. Plus my Canon camera. And of course I had THE ROAD and all the music, beauty, fear, sadness, and exhilaration that accompanied it…..Presented here in this exhibition are small pieces of that road and some of the musicians and other humans I encountered along the way. “

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