Carolyn Scorey

Carolyn Scorey

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Functional Art – Coasters, Salt’n’Pepper Shakers

Local Prints and Experimental Art

As an ‘Ilukian’ I love the environment and surrounds, from the rainforest and oceans, to the beauty of mother nature. This is my inspiration to design unique, functional art with a purpose and to capture a little bit of Iluka to reflect upon.

Designing coasters, salt and pepper shakers and the creative possibilities of re-purposing – ‘Everything old is new again’ is achievable if you think inside the creative box.

Acrylic pouring, Resin and Alcohol Ink is used on round timber coasters, ceramic tiles and porcelain shakers to create these functional original ready-to-go gifts.

For my local prints and experimental art, Iluka’s beautiful surrounds and beaches also provide endless photo opportunities. Different textures, macros shots and the desire to capture what is not always the obvious, interests me. 

I’ve had some experience in graphic art and design in my past working life and enjoy being creative.

Some of my functional art is displayed in the Community Room at the Iluka Emporium.

CMS Iluka

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