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The name ‘Scribbling Barefoot’ came about when I had my first solo exhibition not long after we returned from sailing around the world. I draw from life. I have always drawn nudes and still lifes but in recent years I have enjoyed capturing the scenes I observed from our boat and on land.

Recently I have been creating pique assiette mosaics using recycled materials such as china, old jewellery, glass, mirrors and interesting collectibles. I have a studio in the bush high on a mountain near Lismore in which to work. A few years ago I treated myself to a painting tour in Morocco with Wendy Sharpe where I used gouache for the first time. It’s a medium that I am now enjoying and as it dries quickly, perfect for painting scenes from life.


I studied Visual Communications at the Canberra School of Art many years ago. This included painting, drawing and developing/ printing my own photography. Travel beckoned with the love of my life so I did not finish my Art degree. However after having children I returned to university to study Early Childhood Education. I enjoyed the autonomy of being a Kindergarten Director for 2 decades encouraging children to be creative thinkers. I am still an advocate for children to freely express themselves through the Arts.

Throughout our sailing adventures around the world, I captured what I saw using pastels, ink and paint. Many of my works are published in my 2 books, Sailing in my Sarong and Salvage in my Sarong. I am now a full time artist enjoying the membership of a community Gallery of artists, collectors and up-cyclers at the Iluka Emporium, NSW, Australia.

I have had the pleasure of presenting at International Writers Festivals in Byron Bay and Ubud, Bali, The International Boat Show in Sydney, Women Who Sail Australia Gathering as well as Art exhibitions in SE Qld, Northern NSW, Mauritius, US Virgin Islands and New York. My art and writing go hand in hand and you will often see me at Author talks with my artwork on display also.



Since 2006 I have facilitated Life Drawing groups in SE QLD and northern NSW. Regular sessions are now being held in Iluka.

MOSAIC – pique assiette technique

Small groups of up to 4 in Iluka.

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‘ I draw and paint from life capturing the moment as I see it. Travelling provided rich inspiration for my art making. I use pastels , pens and paint to draw the human form, worldscapes, animals and birds. The real world rather than imaginary.’

Pique Assiette Mosaic has captured my imaginary visions as I play with shapes, colours and memories. Vintage jewellery, collectibles, china, glass and china

Goauche painting from a live model in Paris


Each of my books feature my artwork in colour throughout.

SAILING IN MY SARONG, Around the World – a 30 year dream

Linda and Bill Anderson are living proof that it’s never too late to fulfil your dream. After 30 years of fantasising about sailing around the world, they finally set sail on an action packed voyage that would take two years to complete.

Never mind that Linda suffered from sea sickness, was petrified of storms and had little sailing experience, or that the couple were to make the trip in their home built yacht, this 30,000-nautical-mile voyage was about achieving their dream.

While they gained so much from their adventure, Bill and Linda also gave a lot back to the places they visited – working with street children, running art and play workshops with Linda’s vibrant photos and artwork filling the pages of this book.

It’s a story of battling gales and sailing through the world’s pirate hot spots; of exploring exotic and remote communities and integrating with the locals; and of experiencing the vastness of the great oceans and making new friends at each destination. But above all, the story is one of overcoming a challenge of massive proportions and leaving a small part of themselves in every single one of the 30 countries Linda and Bill visited in their swift, yet tough yacht Valiam. This is their story.

SALVAGE IN MY SARONG – The Mediterranean Dream in a rescued boat

Join the latest adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants…….

Salvage in my Sarong is a remarkable story of how Linda’s husband Bill surprises her (and himself), by winning an online bid for an old wooden boat, half way across the world, in the Caribbean. At first Linda is horrified and reluctant to become involved in her husband’s crazy scheme. This sailing boat ‘Lati’, had been abandoned, ransacked and almost stolen by pirates and is a total mess when the couple arrive from Australia.

Linda’s dream of sailing the Mediterranean becomes reality as somehow, this gallant 9.4 metre yacht emerges like Cinderella, taking them across the vast Atlantic to Portugal and the Med. For three summers, Lati takes them on a romantic cruise to Italy, Greece and Turkey fitting easily into quaint harbours with tavernas ashore. However, the voyage is not without drama, as they continue with boat repairs in exotic locations, making many friends along the way.

From the author of Sailing in my Sarong comes this story of resourcefulness, endurance and celebration in the forging of a strong bond between a couple and their boat, a must-read adventure that makes anything seem possible.



Simple and delicious recipes to improve gut health, lose weight and feel wonderful.

Gut health has a huge impact on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Eating foods that promote a diverse “microbiome” can have dramatic effects on your health, including your weight. Knowing which foods will feed those good bacteria and keep the bad guys away can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be!

Linda Frylink Anderson amazed us with her tales of adventure and sailing the world in SAILING IN MY SARONG and SALVAGE IN MY SARONG. The extended holiday, regular sundowners and indulgence in exotic cuisines around the world had its downside though, and the time came for Linda to make a healthy change.

She lost a sensational 30 kilograms (66 pounds) quickly and simply by eating for gut health! Now Linda is showing you how to LOVE YOUR GUTS too, with this collection of delicious, simple meals to make loving your guts easy and fun!


Visions from Around the World (2008) Ecole de Sculpture, Bambous, Mauritius

Scribbling Barefoot (2012) Rosebed Street Gallery Eudlo, QLDSE Qld

Scribbling Around the World, (2012) Concordia, St John US Virgin Islands and New York.

Colours of Morocco Communities Hub Art Space Lismore 2016

Scribbling Barefoot around the World 2016 – Feature Artist Iluka Emporium

Celebrating Green 2020 Iluka Emporium

Domesticated 2021 Blue Knob Gallery

Our Clarence 2021 Coldstream Gallery

Art in the Paddock 2021

Coming in November:

Fire and Rain Nov 2021 Grafton Regional Gallery cafe Gallery


The Sydney International Boat Show, The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2011

International Writers Festivals in Byron Bay and Ubud, Bali. (2011)

Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival 2013

Author talks in libraries and community organisation’s in SE Qld, northern NSW 2010-2019

Women Who Sail Australia Gathering 2016 & 2017

Airlie Beach Writers Festival 2017

Plunge Festival ‘Sailing in my Sarong around the World’ Iluka Emporium 2019 and 2021.

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