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Michelle Ansoul – PHOTOARTIST
I grew up in the beautiful holiday town of Byron Bay. It’s my home.
I studied a visual arts degree at Q.U.T back in ‘92
and loved the photographic process.
Films, layering transparencies, studios & darkrooms is where I started experimenting with photography & art mediums.
Placing images on ceramics, glass and textiles…anything.
… loved it & do miss that naive exploratory curiousness.
Since those creative youthful days, I travelled, around Australia & parts of the globe, gathering a stock of images with my eyes’ mind…and on film.
For many years the buzz, adventure & excitement of weddings & events captivated me and capturing precious life moments for people genuinely warms my soul.
My ‘mirror prints’ began with a birthday present for my brother 15 years ago.
From an up-cycled mirror, I printed my photo designs… creating original phOToArTworks.
I like to think that my mirror prints bring the viewer into the scene. Reflecting the light & sharing the ‘beach-love’.
I’m a natural light photographer, an image-maker…always visualizing. Enjoy… love… life…
You can see more of my phOToArT & photography
http://www.michelleansoul.com https://www.instagram.com/michelleansoul/ https://www.facebook.com/Michelle-Ansoul-photoartist-132146206884970/
Commission work always welcomed, as creativity is a melding of minds.


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