Past Feature Artists Each month Iluka Emporium presents a feature artist or group of artists, usually local and often emerging artists to exhibit.

MICHELLE GILROY – February 2023

Iluka Emporium is so very pleased to present our next Feature Artist for February.
Michelle Gilroy “CHRYSALIS”

MEET THE ARTIST: Michelle Gilroy
Friday 17 February 2pm – 4pm
Please join us…

“My most recent postponed exhibition, Chrysalis; is a work with much personal meaning. Consisting of paintings of Butterflies, all oil on canvas, is symbolic of my ongoing healing process after surviving family violence.
To me, the Butterflies represent rebirth, transformation, healing and beauty. I am inspired by the natural world; look at it with wonder and delight and aim to capture this dreamlike mystery in my paintings.
My artistic style is heavily influenced by the impressionist movement, including the Australian Impressionists, but I also love the work of Arthur Boyd and even the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

The audience can expect to see work reminiscent of my previous exhibition, ‘In Conversation with Birds’. All the butterflies have been based on actual Australian species and will metaphorically float around the wall of the gallery space. They are full of spirit and optimism, transforming from dark times to breaking free and living in the light. When I’m in my garden and see a Butterfly flutter past, I can’t help but feel enchantment.”


Is an exhibition of the artwork of:
Deanne Rackham 

Sandra Routh 

Linda Martello 

Fiona Nicholls 

Annie Roberts 

Jay Foley

Who, all worked at Trinity Catholic Fiona College in the Visual Art
Department between the late 80’s -90’s.
We all remember it as a fruitful, fulfilling and dynamic time.
Much was shared during our Jay professional time together and
friendships were forged, and our contact remains to this day.
This exhibition showcases artworks from each of us. It honours our
time working together, our ongoing friendships and our ongoing passion and belief in the immeasurable value of Art in one’s life.
Come along and share in our pleasure!

Exhibition Opening
Please join us at the Emporium on Saturday 8th January
9.30am – 12noon

For more information phone 0436 281 346

July Feature Artist – TRACE KNOWLAND

Trace Knowland is a painter, photographer and creative, currently living between the Byron Bay hinterland (where she is working on a large architectural design project) and Iluka, her much-loved haven of respite, nature inspiration and rejuvenation.

Represented by Atkinson Gallery in Chicago USA, a featured artist at Bluethumb Gallery and a finalist in the Artpiece Gallery 30 x 30 national art prize, Trace has exhibited oil and acrylic paintings, glass art, and mosaic.

With home and painting studio currently in flux (due to ongoing renovations), for this exhibition titled “Iluka, Here Today….”

Trace is exhibiting a series of digital fine art prints based on her original photographic works with the aim of capturing

“a time capsule of images of Iluka, in what is a pivotal turning point in a time of accelerating change”…

These fine art, signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints (on museum quality paper) are available both framed or unframed.’

June Feature Artists – bendee

Iluka Emporium is excited to be introducing our June artists – bendee – a collaboration of work titled Figurative Abstraction series.

“benjamin (ben) mcdouall and djuana (dee) leiselle joined in collaboration in 2019 to create ‘bendee productions’
working with mixed medium they have produced and developed the ‘figurative abstraction series 1’
ben is a multidisciplinary artist combing audio, visual and text
dee is a performance and visual artist with a background in dance and shamanic ritual
our work features heavily in figurative abstraction, reflecting our interest in expressive and innovative mediums and painting techniques and the figure as a symbol of free humanity
our work is created in the moment often capturing elements from the natural environment around us including, ochres, earth, sand, salt, dyes, beeswax, charcoal, natural fibres as well as ink, graphite powder, pvc, plaster and synthetic polymer paint
bendee are representatives of humanity at the dawn of the twenty-first century
in our spare time bendee also likes to solve the mysteries of time and space and other fun puzzles
we hope you enjoy the show!”

Iluka Emporium is so excited and incredibly proud to be exhibiting May feature artists Lee Ann Hally, Cath Abbas @catherineabba and Jillian Bowles @jillianbowlesartist .Lee Ann is an @iluka.emporium member, during one of her weaving workshops a couple of years back she shared her knowledge of weaving with Cath. Jillian, a contemporary artist and Lee Ann are friends and all three women are connected and inspired by the coastal and river environment around Biirrinba, the Clarence River.The connection between the women and their environment creates a quirky flow of discovery for the observer. There’s a sense of warmth and familiarity in this exhibition which is hard to walk away from without wanting to take a unique piece of it home with you.This is a stunning exhibition of visual art and natural textile weaving.This exhibition particularly is an expression of the vision of curator Annie Laurie empowering community connections, developed and shared through art and creativity.

May 2021 Feature Artists – Lee Ann Hally, Jillian Bowles and Cath Abbas

April 2021 Feature Artist – Lucy Car

We are excited to introduce our April Feature Artist – Lucy Car

Lucy Car

I am a 36 year old artist living here near Lismore and love being in such a beautiful part of the world. I’ve always loved drawing and bright colours and the way colours interact. I have painted on and off over the years, while juggling 5 kids and a large garden (I feel this is an extension of my painting!)
I often use quirky subject matter to delight and amuse, especially animals doing human things or humans and animals doing unexpected things in a narrative style. I have a passion for preserving animal habitat (we are replanting our property as koala habitat) and hence often paint Australian animals to bring their uniqueness and beauty into the mind of the viewer; to engage their emotions in the plight of many of our country’s gorgeous yet vulnerable occupants.
My style has evolved over the years, but I generally use bold, bright colours to immediately engage with the viewer – I have a long-time love of primary colours, but cool blue is also a recurring theme.
I use acrylic paint for the freedom it gives me to pain big and bright, quickly drying to allow me to change colours and layout quickly if needed.
My goal is to amuse, delight and engage the heart of the person viewing.
I have previously exhibited at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Blue Poles Gallery Café, Byabarra, Goondiwindi Art Gallery, Art Aspects Gallery Lismore and Lennox Head Arts Collective

February and March Feature Artist – Kalie Burgis Iluka Emporium is excited to present works by local artist Kalie Burgis.

FIONA NICHOLLS – January 2021 Feature Artist

Iluka Emporium is thrilled to have Fiona Nicholls return as our feature artist. Her stunning works are on display in the main exhibition space as you enter.


Ally de la Rosa has her Art @ Iluka Emporium for November and December.
Exciting ! Ally is originally from Mexico and you can see the cultural influence in her work.

GECKOS NEW TAIL – Feature artists for September- October 2020

Michelle and Paul Philip – All one off originals. As I may never find this fabric again. The styles might be the same but the garments are all made individually. I am inspired by retro patterns from the 1960’s and 70’s, Japanese styles and natural fabrics. All products are made by hand in our home studio on the north coast of NSW.

July – August 2020

THE ART NOUVEAU PALACE DANCE MYTH – July Feature Exhibition – Richard Moore

Linda Martello & Alyssia Fraser

For the month of March 2020 ILUKA Emporiums feature artists are two ceramicists.
Alyssia Fraser and Linda Martello.
When in High school Alyssia was taught by Linda , however now they come together as two accomplished North Coast artists .
Delicate and whimsical elements of both artists’ work will delight many.
Note : These works are still currently in the Emporium. Please contact us or the artists directly if you are interested in their work.


Wesley Penberthy was born in Broken Hill. He grew up in a creative family. It can be seen in his work the influence of the Australian artist Norman Lindsay whom was his tutor at Perth Technical College from 1933-1937.and subsequently a lifelong friend and mentor. Wesley Penberthy’s works are held in Australian and overseas collections. Beleura Homestead in Mornington Victoria boasts a ceiling fresco , which Penberthy was commissioned to do in 1950,s . In 1955 Penberthy won the Sulman prize for Mural Painting. Much of his work echoes the Italianate and Venetian styles. Penberthy spent his latter years in Yamba pursuing his lifelong passion. ILUKA Emporium is proud and excited to be entrusted by his family to exhibit and offer for sale a small selection of Penberthy’s works. Works will be at the Emporium for the month of January and an Opening event held on Saturday 4th January at 11.30 am All welcome


Iluka Emporium is thrilled to announce that our Feature Artist for November is Kerrie Howland. Her Exhibition is titled ‘The Continuous Line.’

Drawings + mixed media works on paper.

Kerrie will be present @ Emporium this Sunday 3rd between 10 am and 2pm to ‘meet the artist’ . 

Kerrie says “Drawing is fundamental to my artist practice. Recently I’m enjoying the use of contour drawing, a continuous line, as it is fun and relaxing. Plus exploring mixed media drawing like charcoal and water colours with collage. I think I have always found drawing techniques & methods to be the most enjoyable part of my art making process and I continue to revisit & explore contemporary drawing ideas in my art practice.

This exhibition is made up of recent works on paper of varying sizes. And as always the subjects are a celebration of life and personal connections with the natural world and it’s ancient wisdom. Having grown up in Iluka and being surrounded by a landscape where sacred spaces of natural beauty exist I have been in awe for sometime and thus influenced creatively. As an artist my life revolves around capturing moments, emotions, memories & quite often figures in the landscape. “


The feature artists @ Iluka Emporium for October are local Textile Artist Toni-Jayne Northcott and Photo Artist Michelle Ansoul and their collaborative
exploration of dyeing with plants and making photos using the sun.
These two long time friends are artists / crafts women who have often collaborated in their art making and processes. They are both also mothers, wives, employees, committee members, and involved community members.
Often, their time to create is hugely compromised by their commitment to these other roles.
As well as presenting this exhibition of ‘Mother Makers – Mothers at Play’ they are both open to instigating a conversation about busy women and how best to make available time to create.
Come enjoy and add to the conversation.

MATT BAKER – September 2019

RIVER TO THE SEA is an exhibition encompassing our love of the water and surrounds. Works by Iluka Emporium artists Karin Brear, Belinda Laurie, Michelle Philip and Linda Frylink Anderson.


This body if work is a progression of intuitive responses from direct observation and recollection and Elaine’s sensual memories of movement and colour using cotton embroidery thread, canvas, pastels and oil paints.

Jan Hudson May 2019

OFFICIAL OPENING – SATURDAY 4th May 1pm Champagne and fingerfood on arrival. ALL WELCOME

My name is Jan Hudson and I have been an artist for the last 18 years working in Watercolour and Pastel. My journey started a lot like everyone else who’s creative juices were bubbling just below the surface. In my case painting was my choice and I must admit my first attempt at Watercolour was a disaster, water went everywhere and so did the paint. But I like a challenge and I am determined to never give up and meet each painting with enthusiasm, you will learn something new every time. I had been painting in watercolour for about 1 year when someone in my class suggested I try Pastel, I loved working in this medium, its very forgiving unlike watercolour. I have won several awards for my pastel as listed below.
I like to say that when I started my journey I never imagined where it would take me, not only did I win several awards but I have sold many paintings over the years. It is very humbling that someone loved my painting so much to buy it and enjoy it as much as I loved painting it.
It also gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge to those who attend my workshops.
I was lucky that I had an opportunity to learn from a well know artist named Nell Frysteen in Melbourne, Victoria. I have also been tutored by David Taylor, Joe Attard, Greg Allen and Grace Paleg. I have also travelled to New Zealand on two separate occasions and completed two workshops with Susan Harrison-Tustain.
I have work in collections in Hong Kong and Germany at the Arjo Wiggins Paper Group, Head Office in Strasbourg, France”.
Clarence River Fine Art Show 2017First Place Pastel Figs and Cheese
Kalkallo Rural Art Show2011 First Place Pastel Eggs for Breakfast
Camberwell Rotary Art Show 2010 Best Pastel under $500.00Onions and Garlic
Kilmore Art Expo 2010 Highly Commended Pastel Onions and Garlic
Diamond Valley Arts Society 2007Best Pastel in Show PastelRed Glass Reflections
Diamond Valley Arts Society 2006Highly Commended W/colour Pink Beauty
I was a member of the Nell Street Painters and exhibited with them over the past 14 years. We held three successful exhibitions at the Victorian Artists Society in Albert Street, Melbourne, Victoria also at the Box Hill Community Centre. I was also a finalist in the Australian Artist Magazine competition in 2010 for my watercolour “Inner Beauty”.
The Nell Street Painters also published a book “Let Me Paint you a Story” which is in the Canberra and Eltham (Vic) Library.

Jay Foley March 2019


Michelle Ansoul – PHOTOARTIST

I grew up in the beautiful holiday town of Byron Bay. It’s my home.

I studied a visual arts degree at Q.U.T back in ‘92

and loved the photographic process.

Films, layering transparencies, studios & darkrooms is where I started experimenting with photography & art mediums.

Placing images on ceramics, glass and textiles…anything.

… loved it & do miss that naive exploratory curiousness.

Since those creative youthful days, I travelled, around Australia & parts of the globe, gathering a stock of images with my eyes’ mind…and on film.

For many years the buzz, adventure & excitement of weddings & events captivated me and capturing precious life moments for people

genuinely warms my soul.

My ‘mirror prints’ began with a birthday present

for my brother 15 years ago.

From an up-cycled mirror, I printed my photo designs…

creating original phOToArTworks.

I like to think that my mirror prints bring the viewer into the scene. Reflecting the light & sharing the ‘beach-love’.

I’m a natural light photographer, an image-maker…always visualizing.

Enjoy… love… life…

You can see more of my phOToArT & photography

Commission work always welcomed, as creativity is a melding of minds

KIYA SAFFIGA January 2019

Iluka Emporium is very excited to host the September Feature Artist Exhibition “Common People” a life more ordinary by Kiya Saffigna with live music by Finn O’Neill. Exhibition Opening at Iluka Emporium September 8th at 3pm.

This will be an afternoon not to be missed, come along and share the joy of Kiya’s work while reflecting on life, art, home, family, love, women and community and what it all means to you! Enjoy mingling on the sunny Emporium deck listening to talented, local, emerging musician Finn O’Neill. See you there.

“Common People”

A life more ordinary

For this collection, Brooms Head Artist, Kiya Saffigna explores the concept of “coming home”. This body of work is a representation of the monotonous joy in each day and the acceptance of the simple and domestic existence often brought about by Motherhood. Instead of approaching her work with resentment of seemingly mundane experiences, Saffigna chooses to capture unremarkable content from her rural home, where she lives with her husband and three children, in the hope of giving the everyday a sense of enlightenment. Her developing impressionist style heavily references Australian symbolism, often with humour and sarcasm. The aesthetic is not modern, which touches on drawing comparisons between pre-feminism and contemporary ideas of the role of women. “Common people” is a visual narrative about coming home: to acceptance, to love, to letting go, and mostly, coming home to self: to painting, after 15 years.

Entertainment by Finn O’Neill

KARIN BREAR December 2018

This exhibition of my work is called ‘Labour of Love’. It showcases a mixed genre of my art in different mediums and subjects.

I moved into the lovely Clarence area in March last year from the south of Brisbane. I am married with three grown up children and have two gorgeous grandchildren.
I have always been creative. As a teenager and when my children were small, I dabbled in many crafts – cross stitch, pottery, fimo jewelery, paper tole, flower decorating, silk screening and sewing.
My art journey began in 1994, having had my first art lesson learning Decorative Folk Art. I found my love for art and in the year 2000 I progressed into Fine Art. I had a home studio in Brisbane with a number of students to keep me on my toes.
I attended a pastel class and fell in love with this medium, having mainly previously painted with acrylics and on wood!! I have attended many workshops and conventions with different artists over the years as you are always learning. These experiences have exploded my creative juices.
I won a First Prize in the pastel section at the Lions Art Extravaganza Exhibition in Brisbane in 2015. A sunrise seascape. This was my first major award as I have received other awards for my art over the years.
My favourite mediums to use is Pastel, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Pencil and Mixed media. I love lots of texture and colour. My favourite genres to paint are: seascapes, landscapes, water, trees, sunsets, sunrises, birds, mixed media and abstracts. My inspiration comes from nature itself being the ocean, water, rocks, landscapes, flowers, animals, trees, leaves and birds. No two of my artworks are the same. I enjoy photography, so I have many subjects to keep me inspired.
I have previously exhibited my work at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Cleveland, Brisbane and have had successful exhibitions. My work is now displayed at Ferry Park Gallery here in Maclean.
Living here in the Clarence Valley, the inspiration never stops…….it’s deciding what to paint next!! And wishing there was more hours in a day!!
Facebook – Karin Brear Art. Mobile: 0405240908
Instagram – karinbrear_artist
Karin’s OPENING will be on the 15th December at 2pm. Live music and All Welcome!

October Artist 2018 RUPERT LEWIS JONES

Christmas Cornucopia by presented by Emporium Artists


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