Tony Belton

I had a working life as a builder and cabinet maker, later working for National Parks and Wildlife Service and also with the Rural Fire Service before retiring.

Annie and I moved to Iluka back around 2008 and I started taking a lot of photographs. There was no shortage of great subjects – birds, rainforest, panoramic sunsets and sunrises, the sea and river, boats and people.

I kept most of my digital images on my computer at that stage but Annie convinced me to produce a calendar (I printed 100) and sold them through some local shops and cafes as a fundraiser for the Iluka Landcare Group and Birdlife Australia. Then in 2014 we had the opportunity to start the Iluka Emporium with some other like minded people and I started getting prints made of my images and revisited my old skills of wood turning and woodwork.

I have tried to incorporate my various skills into a rustic display of weathered coastal timber along with coastal images.

I try and use my photography to inspire people to appreciate nature, but more than that, to become activists and ambassadors for conservation. Unless we act urgently to reverse the destruction of our environment we will lose all this beauty in nature we so often take for granted .
I also get a real kick when I hear comments about how much people enjoy my work and our beautiful Iluka Emporium.
I am forever learning! And always in awe of nature, our environment and the seasons.

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